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Household Essential 30353-1 CedarFresh Cedar Cubes


Take Cedar with you anywhere with the CedarFresh Cedar Cubes perfectly sized for natural cedar freshness anywhere. A pair of cubes is just a bit larger than a pair of dice so you can use them just about anywhere. Place them in your luggage or purse for freshness on-the-go. Nestle them discreetly into drawers or on shelves where they freshen and protect without drawing attention to themselves. Or place them in your gym bag or locker. Toss a few in the car. Take cedar freshness and protection with you everywhere. Cedar Fresh Cedar Cubes are made from 100% aromatic red cedar. Cedar has long been recognized as the premier wood for closets because of it's innate properties. Cedar naturally repels pests and insects and absorbs moisture. And because it is naturally aromatic it freshens as well. Cedar is nature's way to take care of your favorite things without the damaging effects of harsh chemicals. And since these freshening Cedar Cubes are made from cedar harvested from native renewable forests you can enjoy the best of nature's freshness with a truly clean conscience. Red cedar's astounding effectiveness arises from the aromatic oils in the wood's fibers. Revitalize and boost your cedar product's scent and effectiveness by either (1) lightly sanding its surface to expose new fibers and thus oils or (2) by spraying the unfinished wood with the CedarFresh Cedar Power Spray or the Cedar & Lavender Power Spray (sold separately on . At Household Essentials we work hard to anticipate your laundry and storage needs. These small but powerful Cedar Cubes are just one of the many innovative ways we strive to make your home and closet more naturally beautiful and efficient.FeaturesMade from 100% natural red cedarRepels moths mildew and mustinessDimension - 3

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