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Mutual Industries 35 Nw35 Cut Rolls 2-foot X 300-foot Non Woven


Mutual Nonwoven 3.5 Oz. Geotextile is Used as a Filter, Allowing Subsurface Water to Pass Into Drainage Core While Preventing Soil From Clogging the System Mutual Nonwoven 3.5 Oz. Geotextile Fabric is Used For Asphalt Overlay Absorbing Asphalt Tack to Form Mositure Barrier That Retards Reflective Cracking Specifications: Grab Tensile Strength- Astm D-4632- 90 Lbs./ Grab Elongation- Astm D-4632- 50%/ Trapezoid Tear- Astm D-4533- 35Lbs./ Puncture- Astm D-4833- 55Lbs./ Mullen Burst- Astm D-3786- 185 Psi/ Permittivity- Astm D-4491- 2.2 Sec-1/ Permeability- Astm D-4491- .2 Cm/Sec/ A.O.S.- Astm D-4751- .21 Us Sieve/ Water Flow- Astm D-4491- 110 Gpm/Ft2/ U.V. Resistance (500 Hr) - Astm D-4355- 70%/ Weight (Oz./Sq. Yd.) - Astm D-5261- 3.5 Oz.

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