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Rasta Imposta 971RI-M Childs Lightweight Banana Costume Size Medium


The Childs Lightweight Banana Costume is a funny costume all by itself. You can tell lots of funny banana jokes like: Why are bananas never lonely? Because they hang out in bunches! Or Why did the Banana go out with the prune? Because he couldnt find a date. HA HA HA! Whether youre wearing a banana costume all by itself or you are the side kick to a monkey you will have a comfy costume that is a lot of fun to wear. The Banana Costume features a banana shaped tunic with an opening near the front. This costume can also be worn for school productions if you need to be a piece of fruit. We also carry many other fruit and vegetable costumes. See come suggestions at the bottom of the page. Features a light weight yellow banana shaped tunic. Size: Medium (Fits most sizes 7-10) Features a light weight yellow banana shaped tunic. Shirt and pants not included.

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