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Ubi Soft 36512 Catz


Choose a cuddly kitten from 5 different breeds. Product Information Put an adorable kitten in your PC! This amazing virtual pet needs food water grooming and discipline just like a real animal. But most of all it needs your love. Teach your clever kitten all kinds of tricks. You can your kitten can decorate your house together. You can train and beautify your companion to win fame and fortune in the talent shows. Or you can watch it soak up your attention. Either way you have a wonderful new friend whos always ready to play! Includes Abyssinian: These intelligent independent cats love high places. they will jump on anything they can. Abyssinians also have much more energy than other breeds. they can play for hours at a time. their sleek coats dont require much attention. Bengal: These bright cats are easy to train and nearly trouble-free perfect for new pet owners. the Bengal needs more food and water than other breeds. Burmese: These intelligent obedient cats stick close by their owners. Burmese also have a tendency to scratch anything that comes their way. Be firm! Main Coon: These big cats are very smart and surprisingly quick. Maine Coons learn new tricks easily but they need more food rest and grooming than other breeds. Siamese: Sleek and agile Siamese are the elite of the feline world. They love attention but they prefer to take care of themselves. they are also extremely vocal.&n

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