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Wisdom Of The Ancients 0751255 Wisdom Natural Organic Yerba Mate Royale Tea Lemon - 1.77 oz


Yerba Mate Royale Lemon - Instant Tea (pronounced Yer-bah Mah-tay) is a naturally energizing tea with a smooth taste that comes from the yerba mate leaves. This natural non-jittery energy boost may aid your diet and exercise plan to give you the energy you desire to be more active. It may also help your body to combat allergy symptoms. You get the same great taste and benefits of yerba mate tea with all-natural lemon flavoring and the sweetness of Stevia. Yerba Mate Royale Lemon - Instant Tea promotes weight loss mental alertness and an increase in energy! In South America Yerba Mate is part family and good friend. Intertwined in daily life Yerba Mate Royale Lemon - Instant Tea is a nutritious source of energy mental alertness and good health. With less caffeine than coffee or black tea Yerba Mate energizes with nutrition by providing 196 active compounds including vitamins minerals and more antioxidants than green tea! This non-jittery boost of energy and nutrition makes Yerba Mate Royale Lemon - Instant Tea natures premier beverage for your body and mind. Wisdom of the Ancients blends the traditions of native wisdom and the standards of modern science in our line of flavorful health-promoting teas from around the world. We promise to use only the finest of herbs and family farmed or estate grown materials. We have complied with fair trade and fair wage principles for more than 25 years. Whether in loose pack tea bags or instant Wisdom of the Ancients herbal teas are all natural. The leaves are harvested by hand directly from trees on the Yerba Mate plantations of Paraguay. For centuries mate has been renowned throughout South America and Europe for its ability to boost energy stimulate alertness and for helping in weight management. Athletes report that it increases endurance and muscle strength. In Paraguay it is the common ingredient in nearly all herbal remedies.

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